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today 30.09.2016 21:30
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No clarity as to why two Kyiv Post journalists were sacked


On Friday 22 April two Kyiv Post journalists – Peter Byrne and Olesya Oleshko – were dismissed. Two sources within the newspaper informed Telekritika that the dismissals were because the two had not supported the strike in support of Chief Editor Brian Bonner.

The two journalists confirmed that they had lost their jobs, but did not wish to comment. Peter Byrne did say that he had been told to take his things away by the end of the day, but said that he would not like to talk about the reasons so that nobody who remained suffered. He had not signed the letter in support of Bonner, he said, because he has never taken part in public activities. Peter Byrne had worked for the paper with breaks since 1999.

Olesya Oleshko did sign the letter but added that she was doing so in support of freedom of speech, not Bonner as Editor.  She also preferred not to comment on her dismissal.

Asked by Telekritika about the dismissals, Brian Bonner denied that they had anything to do with the journalists’ position over the recent conflict.  He did not, however, give any other reason.

From reports at Telekritika

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