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today 25.09.2016 11:46
(by Kyiv time)


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Polish Catholic priest seized by Kremlin-backed militants


A Polish Roman Catholic priest from Horlivka, Father Viktor Wąsowicz has been taken hostage by the Kremlin-backed militants whom certain EU leaders are joining Russia in insisting that Ukraine holds peace negotiations with.   

Polish Radio cites Father Mykola Pilecki who says that Father Viktor was taken hostage at a checkpoint coming into Horlivka on Tuesday.   Father Viktor was driving his own car, and was on his way to a church service.

He was seized around 11 a.m.  and managed to make a phone call saying that he had been abducted.  Since then, there has been no contact with him.

Another Polish priest, Father Paweł Witek was abducted in May, but released many hours later. 

As reported, Father Tikhon, a Greek Catholic priest was released on Monday after 10 days being tortured and humiliated by the terrorists.   

Father Tikhon himself writes on Facebook : “My dear friends, I’m free. Alive. Not healthy. There will be no answers to questions like “who, where, when, why?”  The life, health and safety of other people depends on this.”  He goes on to express his gratitude to all those who helped to secure his release. 

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